How do I print from a Ritz Library computer?


At present, there is no wifi printing, so you must use a library computer to print. 

To send the document to the printer:

If you are in the library and working on a desktop computer, you can print by selecting Print (from the File menu or look for the printer icon). Leave the default destination as BWLetterDuplex, which means you can use any of the printers in the library. The default setting is double-sided printing. After you hit the enter key in the print dialog box, a blue box will pop up. In this blue box, enter your MyDCC username (typically firstname.lastname) and click "Send to Server". You will see your request "Transmitting". When the blue box disappears, you can go to any printer in the library to release your job using your student ID card. 

To print your document(s): 

Scan your ID card at any of the printers. Hold your ID card so that your picture is facing left and the magnetic stripe is on the bottom of the right side when you slide the card through the reader. Make sure your card is flat in the slot and go slowly! If you encounter a message that says "Invalid ID", wait until the numeric keypad reappears on the screen and try again. If you move your wrist, the card may be read incorrectly by the software. It may help to detach your card from your lanyard if you are using one. 

If you have any difficulties, please stop by the Tech Processing Desk or the Reference Desk





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